Proposed Truck Stop

Proposed Love's Truck stop

    This project would be located on the west side of I-5, along Sugar Pine Road. It would encompass 17.61 acres and is designed to handle 600 trucks and 1200 cars every day, including 97 overnight truck parking spaces. It directly borders Hammond Ranch and would greatly increase wildfire danger, lower property values, increase homeowner insurance and create many other negative impacts for Hammond landowners.

  • 4-6-19   The Hammond Landowners’ Associations lawsuit against Loves to prevent the construction of a large truck-stop bordering Hammond Ranch properties is proceeding. The Administrative Record has been finalized and certified and more court hearings are pending.  In the most recent action, Loves is requesting modifications to the approved conditional use permit, sign permit, and architectural review. These changes include the relocation of the vehicle maintenance building, removal of one of the fast food restaurants, changes to building sizes, changes to signs, and an increase from 17.6 acres to 18.25 acres in project size.  The City of Weed has scheduled a Planning Commission hearing for April 17, 2019 to consider these changes. We are seeking documentation of the specifics of these changes and will challenge them.  Hammond Ranch opposes this project based on many procedural, safety, and environmental reasons. Most important, the state has designated this location as a Tier3- Extreme Fire-Threat Area and the increased fire risk that 3,000 to 5,000 nonresidents will bring to our area daily is unacceptable and unconscionable.  
  • 7-5-19      HLA's lawsuit against the Loves Truck Stop project continues. Our attorney submitted a 41 page Opening Brief to the court and we are waiting for Love's reply. Our arguments focused on shortcomings in the EIR and procedural errors by the city of Weed and Loves. Emphasis was on the increased fire danger the truck stop will bring to the westside area, and a lack of analysis for placing the project on the East side of I-5 where the needed infrastructure already exists. A decision is possible as early as the end of July. 


  • 9-30-19      Oral arguments were presented to Judge Dixon on July 19. The Judge said she wanted a transcript of the hearing and gave the court reporter until August 30 to deliver the transcript. We do not know exactly when the transcript was delivered, but the Judge has 90 days to make a decision from that point.   Our lawyer, Don Mooney, has not heard anything as of 9/20, so the Judge is apparently still deliberating. We hope there will be decision before our general membership meeting on 11/2 so that we can discuss the decision with our members.
  • 12-26-19   After deliberation, Judge Karen Dixon ruled against Hammond Landowners Association.  While HLA is disappointed by the Court's decision, our efforts to protect our environment, educate the public and protect the property and lives of local residents will continue.  Our options moving forward are currently under consideration and decisions will me made in the next few weeks.