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Board Members


 The current Board members are:  Erich Ziller, President; Craig Fisher, Vice President; Katie LeBaron, Treasurer; Wilma Dibelka, Recording Secretary; Randy Klokow, Member at Large; Neera Paine, Member at Large and Sally McGregor , Member at Large.

Hammond Agricultural Reservoir


 Sadly, what many affectionately call Hammond pond is not a part of Hammond Ranch.  It is an  agricultural reservoir and the water is owned by others downstream.  The land under and around the reservoir is owned by several landowners, but principally it is owned by the Siskiyou Land Trust.  The Land Trust holds the land to protect the scenic and wildlife habitat values of the reservoir.  Ranch landowners do not have any right or permission to use it for recreation or any other purpose.  The public does not have any use rights as well. 

Road and Easement Information:


 All roads within Hammond Ranch are privately owned and privately maintained.  The County does not maintain the roads.  The landowners association does not maintain the roads.  California law requires all landowners, whether a resident or not, to participate in the repair and maintenance of their road easements in proportion to their use of the easement.  Repair and maintenance efforts are organized by individual landowners on each of the roads, and some of these individuals organize road-user groups to perform maintenance.  Snow removal is also performed by individual effort.

Deeded easements provide access to and from individual properties within the Ranch to owners, their guests and service vehicles.  For information regarding landowners' use of Ranch roads generally, see the series of articles on our Newsletters Page.  They are contained in the the January 2009 and October 2010 The Shasta Scene and the April 2011 The Hammond Ranch Scene

Hammond Ranch Handbook

This Handbook is a wonderful introduction to life in Hammond Ranch for both newcomers and long-time residents