Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulance services


The HLA is now providing group memberships for PHI and AIRMED medical air ambulance services.

You can download application forms at the bottom of this page.

PHI offers limited nationwide air ambulance service with two resources in northern California (Redding & Susanville). They do not serve Oregon. The current discount cost of a PHI group membership (for you and your family) is $40/year.

AIRMED is a nationwide alliance of four air ambulance services (320 locations in 38 states). AIRMED has several services in northern California (Redding, Crescent City, Eureka, Ukiah, Willits, Sacramento & San Francisco areas) and in Oregon (Klamath Falls, Roseburg). The current discount cost of an AIRMED group membership (for you and your family) is $65/year. 

To obtain more information about PHI and AIRMED services, see their internet web sites.

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In Hammond Ranch, air ambulance services might be required for the following medical problems: 

· Emergency” --This could be a serious auto or hiking accident that would require immediate transportation to the nearest hospital. In our area, PHI and AIRMED offer emergency air ambulance services on an alternating 24-hour schedule. One day PHI provides the service, the next day AIRMED provides the service. The injured person has very little control over which air ambulance will provide the service.

· Hospital-to-Hospital Transfer--This is a medical situation where the patient needs to be quickly transferred to a larger medical facility (For example-UC Davis). Both PHI and AIRMED provide hospital-to-hospital services dependent upon availability of aircraft and flight personnel. If the transfer is not an emergency, the patient might be able to request a specific air ambulance service. 

Air ambulance services in a rural area can be costly. Recently we were advised that an air ambulance service from Mt. Shasta to a San Francisco area hospital could be up to $80,000! 

Medical insurance companies will typically pay only a small amount (if anything) and you  could be responsible for the remaining amount of the air ambulance bill. Visit the internet to obtain more information about the high costs of air ambulances. 

NOTE—The group membership is NOT“insurance.” A group membership is exclusive to one company. PHI and AIRMED are independent companies. A group membership in one air ambulance service will NOT cover costs if the other air ambulance service is used. 

If interested in joining one or both, download an application form below.

·  NOTE--The Hammond Landowners Association cannot give legal, medical, or insurance advice. Please obtain professional assistance for legal, medical, or insurance issues.