Information for Realtors and Title Companies


 Hammond Landowners Association is a voluntary association of landowners within the Hammond Ranch area.  It is not a mandatory homeowners association.  There are no mandatory dues.  It is not an “Association” as defined by Civil Code Section 4080, nor a “Common Interest Development” as defined by Civil Code Section 4100.  

Finally, it is not the owner of any “Separate Interest” as defined by Civil Code Section 4185.  

There are CC&R’s which affect most parcels in the Hammond Ranch area, and these are recorded.  These CC&R’s do not address road maintenance. A .pdf copy of the CC&R’s is available from the Issues and Information tab above.   

Your title company can provide a copy of the recorded document.

Realtors have been asking for a copy of the Road Maintenance Agreement for roads in the Ranch.  This appears to be based on new lender requirements.  There is no Road Maintenance Agreement for parcels on Hammond Ranch.  All roads within the Hammond Ranch subdivision are privately owned and privately maintained.  The County does not maintain the roads.  The landowners association does not maintain the roads.  California Law (Civil Code Section 845) requires all landowners, whether resident or not, to participate in the repair and maintenance of their road easements in proportion to their use of the easement.  Repair and maintenance efforts are organized by individual landowners on each of the roads, and sometimes these individuals organize road-user groups to perform maintenance.  Snow removal is also performed by individual effort.

Most of what is today referred to as Hammond Ranch was created by a Parcel Map which was recorded November 1, 1968 in Book One of Parcel Maps at Pages 10 through 15.  The Legend of that map shows Permanent Road Right-of-Way by a drawing showing the roads of the Ranch.