Road Maintenance reimbursement

     HLA reimburses road maintenance expenses on a formula based on the length of the road, the number of HLA members residing on the road or using that road as a feeder to their road and the amount allotted in the current budget year. 


    Receipts for road maintenance costs need to be signed by 2 HLA members residing on that road or a feeder road and need to be forwarded to HLA  (a board member or P.O. Box 795, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067) before the close of our fiscal year - October 1st.  

     Road maintenance expenses that can be reimbursed include gravel or other surface material, grading and culverts.  Snow plowing is not a reimbursable expense.


Road Reimbursement References

                Study showing proposed allocations for 2020                                               Reference for "Feeder" Roads                                       

HR Roads Study 2019-Aug at $7500 (pdf)


HR matrix of feeder roads (pdf)